Ontario 4th of July Parade

The Ontario 4th of July parade has always been a fun event in my life. I grew up right off Euclic ave. and have many fond memories of waking up to the sound of that first marching band.  I'd jump out of bed with hair a mess and probably sleep in my eye to meet my neighbor friends to start the holiday off right!  For the past few years I've thought how fun it would be to have a Garden of Beaden float! Well this year for the first time in 5 years or so my boys and their band weren't going to be traveling like they normally would be in the months of June and July. Sooo I said "lets do it"  I have to say, it was I think one of the Highlights of my life! With my ALWAYS supportive husband Ron, my kids and their kids, friends and family involved for 48 hours  of "We are doing this!!" was seriously TOO MUCH FUN!!! I cant thank them enough for making this dream come true. It took so much effort from everyone... We were seriously just trying to do a good job in representing Garden of Beaden and Groovesession, so when we found out we won the Chaffey Heritage Award for our efforts it totally topped it off!! I could not be prouder of this fabulous group. Thank you all so much! xox

Posted on August 5, 2015 .