Whats New? Lots!

Hi folks its been so long, too embarrassed to say how long. There are so many things id like to share with you, Ill just jump in! 

Ive got a new project going on I call them "Art Frames" Its a whole process that I love! I have two different designs goin on with two more in the makin :) Here are just a few samples. So the first three to the left Im using ribbon to hang, but the red one on the right Ive soldered a loop on the back to which you can hang it from.

There is a plexiglasspiece on the front for you to slide your picture into, so it is actually interchangeable :) I have lots of background paper to choose from.

All of these designs pictured are available for purchase, these just have family pictures to show for examples.


Posted on March 21, 2017 .