Art of Forgotten Things

Garden of Beaden Challenge

Ok, Im gonna give this another try. Im still learning about this blog thing.  We do Bead challenges at the GOB. Its not a contest but a challenge for us to try things we may have not done before. Our current challenge is to use a technique from The Art of Forgotten Things. Id like to Thank all the beautiful talented ladies who participated this time around. Norma, Jann, Sharron, Debbie, Carin and Theresa. The Art of Forgotten Things is a BEAUTIFUL book by Melanie Doerman. I would say these ladies who participated, out did them selves as always. We will be announcing our next challenge on the 1st of October. We are open to suggestions.  Our wrap up dinner for those of you who participated will be Wed. October 1st 6pm

Posted on August 31, 2014 .