Melanie Doerman Intructions

I have not written on here is so long I have lots to update. For starters I had someone ask what Melanie Doerman Instructions do we have available? We actually have all of them. Im just going to name them off, if your not familiar and need a picture please shoot me a email and Id be happy to send you a picture. I know this is not the best way to be selling them. There are just so many its gonna take me some time to load up all the pictures, But Im actually working on that now on ETSY. Soon I hope to have it hooked up to sell off our website, That would be best.

Irresistible Reversible Bracelet, Josephine's Button Box, Magic Carpet Ride, Wheel of Fortune, Venus Flytrap, The Czarina's Crown Jewels, The Alien Star Garden, The Kaleidoscope Bracelet. Mystic Jewel, Day of the Dead Bracelet, Dragon Tears Lariat, Girl with A Pearl Window Bracelet, Reversible Button Necklace, Fair Isle Nackpiece, Fragments, The Queen's Night Out, Bohemian Lace, Bead Embroidered Cuff, The beaded Locket, The Beaded Journal, Modulation Window Cuff, Crazy Quilt Cuff,




Posted on July 7, 2015 .